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101 Things To Do in Bongolia


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Electric Cowbell ec701 Various Artists 101 Things To Do in Bongolia

A compilation featuring songs from Electric Cowbell's first year of 7" releases plus bonus tracks and remixes.

  1. Superhuman Happiness Human Happiness
  2. Debo Band Adderech Arada
  3. Spanglish Fly Let My People Bugalu
  4. Bio Ritmo Dina's Mambo
  5. Superhuman Happiness GMYL
  6. Amazing Ghost I Gettupa
  7. Los Riberenos Silbando
  8. Superhuman Happiness Hounds
  9. Bio Ritmo VS That Little Chimps Maljadero
  10. Amazing Ghost Tiny Raindropz
  11. Talibam! Cosmic Attitude
  12. Debo Band featuring Kidd Adderech Arada
  13. Bio Ritmo La Muralla
  14. Superhuman Happiness VS Sahr Ngaujah String Theory
  15. CSC Funk Band A Troll's Soiree Troll
  16. Greg Ginn and the Taylor Texas Corrugators Freddie's Tea
  17. Superhuman Happiness VS Sahr Ngaujah Gravity