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Dr Strange dsr130 Beaver S/T

This LP collects demos and studio recordings by Washington D.C.'s Beaver, originally release in 1981. This is Tom Lyle, of Government Issue's, first recorded band, and contains their KBD 7" plus unreleased demos. LP includes a digital download.

  1. Trendy
  2. Georgetown Sucks
  3. Video Disease
  4. Punch Him in the Head
  5. Limited Nuclear War
  6. Life is a Joke
  7. Vladimer
  8. Boring
  9. KKK-FM
  10. No Messages
  11. Georgetown Sucks
  12. Boring
  13. Punch Him in the Head
  14. Sold Out Show
  15. Flying Fists
  16. Puking
  17. Face Through the Mirror
  18. You Hate Me
  19. Blow Him Up