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By: Mike Dolfi about 5 years ago permalink

This band is pretty good!

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Dr Strange dsr104 Black Market Baby Coulda...Shoulda...Woulda

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This is the entire collection of Black Market Baby songs released on Dr. Strange Records.

  1. youth crimes
  2. potential suicide
  3. america's youth
  4. world at war
  5. downward christian soldiers
  6. white boy funeral
  7. senseless offerings
  8. strike first
  9. killing time
  10. this year's prophet
  11. gunpoint affection
  12. 3 bullets
  13. drunk and disorderly
  14. just like all the others
  15. back seat sally
  16. parasite
  17. bloodstreet boys
  18. which one am i?
  19. sixteen forever
  20. joe nobody
  21. cheap fun
  22. creature feature
  23. lip service
  24. it's too late
  25. drunken bull
  26. nobody wanted us