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Cricket Cemetery cc30 Dying / Less Life S/T (Split)

Split LP between hardcore acts DYING (Philadelphia, PA) and LESS LIFE (New Brunswick, NJ).

Limited to 300 copies pressed on white 150 gram vinyl and housed in hand numbered screen printed jackets.

  1. Quitter (Dying)
  2. Bliss Reject (Dying)
  3. Untitled (Dying)
  4. Dropout (Dying)
  5. Lonely Parallax (Dying)
  6. To Be Guided by Faith Is to Be Misled (Less Life)
  7. Canary in a Coalmine (Less Life)
  8. It's Just Time to Go, Man (Less Life)
  9. The Best Is Yet to Come (Less Life)
  10. More Garden, Less State (Less Life)
  11. He Who Shall Not Be Named (Less Life)
  12. Only When It Rains (Less Life)
  13. I Do Not Identify Myself Worth with My Work (Less Life)
  14. The Walk to Work (Less Life)