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Bury Them All


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Big Neck bn086 Cheap Freaks Bury Them All

The debut album from Cheap Freaks, a Dublin-based garage-punk combo led by Rob Brady of The Things.

Robby Brady
vocals, bass, guitars, harps, percussion
Al Dodd
vocals, guitars, synth, percussion
Dave Mulvaney
Rvairi Paxton

  1. Naked in the Rain
  2. 1984
  3. Hit
  4. Nowhere to Go
  5. I'm Coming Home
  6. Cryin' Shame
  7. Cruel World
  8. Asahara's Nightmare
  9. Can't Fool Me
  10. Caesar the Deceiver
  11. Bolsheviks
  12. Sleep with You
  13. Old Cole's Soul
  14. Free of You

Recorded At
Qube Studios (Dublin)
Produced By
Robby Brady and Al Dodd
Mixed By
Sean Coleman