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Emergency & I (Reissue)


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By: peter pernice almost 6 years ago permalink

a crucial album

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Barsuk bark103 Dismemberment Plan Emergency & I (Reissue)

Dbl LP out of stock

This deluxe double album with a gate-fold sleeve features four bonus tracks and comes with a free MP3 Download coupon. This is the first time this classic album has been released on vinyl.

  1. life of possibilities
  2. memory machine
  3. what do you want me to say?
  4. spider in the snow
  5. the jitters
  6. i love a magician
  7. you are invited
  8. gyroscope
  9. the city
  10. girl o'clock
  11. 8 1/2 minutes
  12. back and forth
  13. the dismemberment plan gets rich
  14. since you died
  15. just like you
  16. the first anniversary of your last phone call