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The Problem with Saxophones


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Afterburn Records atb004 Chumps The Problem with Saxophones

Reissue on Afterburn Records, Melbourne, Australia. Featuring tracks recorded by Don Zientara in 1980, a 1977 outtake from the blueprint DC punk compilation "30 over DC" and their 1978 7" EP on the Round Raoul label, along with photos, vintage handbills, 2007 liner notes, old set lists and more in a gatefold pack.

  1. Down On The Mall 1
  2. Darlings Of The Avant Garde
  3. Lovelife
  4. Jet Lag Drag
  5. The Tingler
  6. Not Guilty
  7. Spaz Attack
  8. I Don't Wanna Be A Rock'n'Roll Star
  9. Who Killed Punk?
  10. Grumpus' Theme
  11. Gorgo
  12. 7-11
  13. Air Conditioner
  14. Gogo God
  15. Down On The Mall 2