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Afterburn Records atb003 Vile Cherubs The Man Who Has No Eats Has No Sweats

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Reissue on Afterburn Records, Melbourne, Australia. Existing for only a short space of time, The Vile Cherubs came, confused, endeared, and powered out their homage to warped 60's garage psych in chaotic and unique style, leaving an odd LP on Dischord Records and a mini legion of fans in their wake. This 14-track CD collects the best of their studio recordings and adds five previously unreleased tracks (rehearsal versions & a live Yardbirds cover) with liner notes, photos, a band history tree & 6 mini handbill reproductions. Members of the Vile Cherubs have been in/currently reside in bands such as the Nation of Ulysses, Concentrick, Quails, Circus Lupus, Capitol City Dusters, Golden Bears, the Fucking Champs. This is a small slice of DC history issued in an "Arigato-Pak" via Stumptown Printers in Portland, OR, hand numbered out of 1,000 copies.