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Arctic Rodeo Recordings arr065 Oswego S/T

Oswego was formed in Washington, D.C. in 1999 by Erik Denno (Kerosene 454), Darren Zentek (Donora, Glendale, Kerosene 454), Chris Turco (Kukim), and Mike Markarian (Vita Bruno), and was later joined by Ryan Nelson (Most Secret Method) and Vin Novara (1.6 Band, Crownhate Ruin). The group recorded with producer J. Robbins in 2000 at Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, Virginia, and Salad Days Studio in Washington, D.C. The songs were released on the Spanish label Bcore Disc as the Just Getting Warmed Up EP in 2000, and an eponymous full-length CD in 2002.

  1. I'm Merely Roadkill on the Highway of Love
  2. Mallet Snare
  3. How Come You're Always out of Veggie Patties?
  4. Pokin'
  5. It's an Eight Hour Drive, I'll Be There in Six and a Half
  6. The Taste of Pennsylvania
  7. Meat Cleavers Cut Cake Good
  8. I Used to Play Drums in Quill
  9. Lemonade's Cheap at the Petting Zoo
  10. Rumblestiltskin
  11. Rubber Bands Stink Like a Son of a Bitch
  12. You Ain't Fat, You're Just Husky
  13. Taking the Edge Off Walking the Dog
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ceiling Is Just Getting Warmed Up
  15. My Father Was a Sailor, I'm Just a Landlubber