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Peer Pressure


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Windian WIN20048 Ebenezer & The Bludgeons Peer Pressure

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With tracks featured on three different KILLED BY DEATH comps, Baltimore, Maryland’s EBENEZER & THE BLUDGEONS’ first and only EP “PEER PRESSURE” from 1978 is both a classic slab of early American New Wave and prohibitively rare and hard to appreciate until now. Side A starts with “FAKE”, a straight-head rock n’ roller played with Damned-like precision, followed by “GERTIE”, a wild narration about an albino scene kid and her struggles told over a jangly guitar-led verse and group chant chorus.

Side B is where this record really gets going - “WEEKEND NAZI” aggressively mocks the Nazi chic fad brought over to our shores from UK punk, while “OH! I LOVE THIS WEATHER” predicts with amazing clarity the coming of Fugazi and American Hardcore with its dry, pummeling bass riff and staccato breakdowns.

  1. Fake
  2. Gerti
  3. Weekend Nazi
  4. Oh! I Love This Weather