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Oops/Fast Food For the Teenage Soul


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Windian WIN20046 Thee Goochi Boiz Oops/Fast Food For the Teenage Soul

This LP compiles Oops and Fast Food For the Teenage Soul, the first two records by Boulder, Colorado garage rock band, Thee Goochi Boiz. Both releases were previously available only on cassette via Burger Records.

  1. Dilletante
  2. Vietnam
  3. Why You Gotta Be Mean To Me
  4. You're Melting
  5. Everything I Do Is Wrong
  6. Stewin' In My Juices
  7. Kathleen
  8. Neon Brain Splatter
  9. Dill Pickles
  10. Something's Missing
  11. Gimme What I Want
  12. Freak Magnet
  13. Boca Italia
  14. Bummer In the Summer
  15. Banana Split
  16. Alexandra
  17. Flash Flood
  18. Mate
  19. Big Hole
  20. This Gun's For Hire
  21. Shroud of Night
  22. You Are the One I Want