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Gotta Have Her


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Windian WIN20015 Penetrators Gotta Have Her

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Syracuse’s only, #1 Band in Town, the Kings of Basement Rock…THE PENETRATORS! WINDIAN is extremely proud to be releasing the first of many re-issues and previously un-released 45?s from these seminal 70?s garage / punk rockers. This is the single that started it all, the single that started FRED RECORDS, “Gotta Have Her B/W Baby, Dontcha Tell Me” 45. Released in 1976 on the bands own imprint, the A-side “Gotta Have Her” is a sleek groover, kidnapped from the ROLLING STONES and beaten savagely by NUGGET-ERA bashers. The B-side’s “Baby, Dontcha Tell Me” possesses all the cocksure swagger sound of early rock and roll that THE PENETRATORS perfected instantly. Released by Windian in 2011.

  1. Gotta Have Her
  2. Baby, Dontcha Tell Me