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Dead House


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By: Matt J. Popham over 6 years ago permalink

Fascinating... I was wondering what happened to Andrew Becker... Here he is... Really unique, challenging stuff... Very atmospheric and soundscapy... ("Soundscapy" is not a word, by the way...) Still... Very worthwhile... Check it out!

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What Delicate Recordings WDR05 Screens Dead House

The debut record from Screens, which features former Medications drummer Andy Becker and former Apes vocalist, Breck Brunson.

  1. Dead House
  2. Saturdays
  3. Shudder
  4. Pop Logic
  5. Man Down
  6. //---\\
  7. Radio Tabaloapa
  8. Hot Avenues
  9. 35
  10. Fall Girl
  11. Dead Extension
  12. Catapexy
  13. Better to Burn Than to Not Freeze