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Thrilling Living TSF04 gSp S/T

gSp is Marissa, Tobi, and Layla. Like Y-PANTS playing FLIPPER songs, or vice-versa, gSp are a terrifying skate crew, the coolest girl gang, an invective against the horrors of talking heads and late capitalism, a brief respite from our modern condition of total boredom. Features members of Bikini Kill, Skinned Teen, Mozart, The Frumpies, etc. 700 copies on black vinyl, recorded live to tape at High Command by Captain Tripps Ballsington in beautiful Olympia, Washington.

  1. Theme From GirlSperm
  2. I'm Supposed to Be Alone
  3. Life Eraser
  4. 20K Band
  5. Social Death
  6. Soldier Driver
  7. Out In the Streets
  8. Hippies on Cocaine
  9. Henri Riot
  10. You Are Like and Art Object