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Slip SLP040 Object Collection It's All True

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'It's All True' is an opera-in-suspension from New York ensemble Object Collection based on the Fugazi Live Series archive.

Grounded upon the DC post-hardcore outfit's 1987-2002 Live Archive series, composer Travis Just and writer/director Kara Feely's work uses only the incidental music, text and sounds, none of Fugazi's actual songs. An obsessive leap into 1500 hours of gig detritus - random feedback, aimless drum noodling, pre-show activist speeches, audience hecklers, police breaking up gigs - is the foundation of an ear-body-and-mind-flossing 100 minutes for 4 voices/performers, 4 electric guitars/basses and 2 drummers. It's All True is overloaded, maddening, mundane, properly funny, and a radical incitement to action.

  1. Introduction
  2. So Much Fun
  3. Victory Parade
  4. Loss of Momentum
  5. It's Time to Expand the Definition
  6. Children Dressed As Fish
  7. What's The Problem
  8. Somebody in the Government
  9. Ice Cream Eating Motherfucker
  10. One Thousand Sorties
  11. Da Da Da Da
  12. Change