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The Pre-Moon Syndrome


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By: cynthia about 1 year ago permalink

That is so awesome you like the Pre Moon Syndrome album I made at dc space nearly 30 years ago!!! (!!!). I remember being on the fence as to whether make a CD or Cassette and opted for the Cassette (!! as well). So, I do not have a digital file of this record, as a result. It was all analogue.. and perhaps why you might like it. That crunch at the beginning of Butterglove is out of this world!

By: Karl Levinson almost 2 years ago permalink

I love this album so. One of my favorites, believe it or not. I guess there's no chance of a digital (or CD) release?

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Sun Dog Propaganda SDP02 Various Artists The Pre-Moon Syndrome

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A compilation of tracks recorded live at D.C. Space, September 11-16, 1989. Includes contributions from Lungfish, Unrest, Holy Rollers, Velocity Girl, The Chris Bald 96, and more.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these records will benefit We Are Family DC.

  1. Double 9 (The Chris Bald 96)
  2. Nothing is Easy (Lungfish)
  3. Blackzilla (Velocity Girl)
  4. White Trash (Whorl)
  5. Slumberland Gods (The Go Team)
  6. Follow Misty Follow (Juliana Luecking Experience)
  7. Castro 59 (Unrest)
  8. Everlast (Holy Rollers)
  9. Nordic Lumberjack (Butterglove)
  10. Animal Man (Date Bait)
  11. When I Die (The Pagans)
  12. Thrillseeker (The Reverb-Motherfuckers)
  13. Jump (The Honeymoon Killers)