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Document #8


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Robotic Empire ROBO049 Pg. 99 Document #8

12” LP (Purple) out of stock

Robotic Empire is pleased to announce a re-press of the band’s landmark album, Document 8. Strictly limited to 500 copies (manufactured primarily for the band's 2017 reunion/benefit concerts), this newly repressed version of Document 8 comes on purple colored vinyl encased in purple silk screened jackets complements of Broken Press in Seattle, WA.

  1. In Love With An Apparition
  2. Your Face Is A Rape Scene
  3. Life In A Box
  4. We Left As Skeletons
  5. Punk Rock In The Wrong Hands
  6. Ballad Of Circling Vultures
  7. The Hollowed Out Chest Of A Dead Horse
  8. The Lonesome Waltz Of Leonard Cohen
  9. The List