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Near Unison NU001 Zomes Near Unison

Near Unison is the new album from the Baltimore/Stockholm duo ZOMES (Asa Osborne and Hanna Olivegren).

These visceral and gently imaginative songs come from a year long musical sketch-sharing practice that led the band towards simple compositions inspired by the melodies and intimate storytelling of Swedish and American folk music. Recorded by the band and Craig Bowen, Baltimore Fall of 2014.

This record will also be available digitally via Zomes' Bandcamp page.

1. Beckoning Breeze + queue
2. Fieldplay + queue
3. Kids of the Woods + queue
4. Mushroom in the Mirror + queue
5. Ruminants + queue
6. General Wizard + queue
7. Simian Mother + queue
8. Kaleidoscope of Sound + queue
9. Syster + queue
10. Se Genom Tiden + queue
11. Plein Air Painting + queue
12. Predawn + queue
13. Roots Radics + queue