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Den of Iniquity


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Magic Bullet MB192 Integrity Den of Iniquity

Den of Iniquity is a massive, 23-song collection of rare tracks spanning “The Melnick Era” (1988-1998) of Cleveland hardcore band, Integrity. All material is culled from various demos, split 7"s, 7" singles, compilation appearances, and EP's. In short: this is all the hard-to-find non-album stuff of that era.

  1. March Of The Damned
  2. Darkness
  3. Live It Down
  4. Bringing It Back
  5. Dead Wrong
  6. Jimson Isolation
  7. Dawn Of The New Apocalypse
  8. ATF Assault
  9. All Is Lost
  10. Sarin
  11. Divinity In Exile
  12. Evacuate
  13. Learn How To Die
  14. Fear: The True Name Of Beauty
  15. Die Hard (Live)
  16. Hollow (Live)
  17. Jagged Visions 96
  18. Eighteen (Live from Studio A)
  19. B.A.T.F. Would Be Proud
  20. Kingdom Of Heaven
  21. Rebirth
  22. Eighteen
  23. Silence Ever After