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Folk Songs of the American Longhair


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Magic Bullet MB185 Brother Dege Folk Songs of the American Longhair

12" LP out of stock

"Folk Songs of the American Longhair" is the debut album from Lafayette, Louisiana’s Brother Dege. Originally issued on CD and digital formats in 2010, released on vinyl by Magic Bullet Records in 2015. Featuring the song "Too Old to Die Young" from "Django Unchained".

  1. Hard Row to Hoe
  2. The Girl Who Wept Stones
  3. Too Old to Die Young
  4. To Fill a Hole
  5. House of the Dying Sun
  6. The Battle of New Orleans
  7. Dead & Gone
  8. The World's Longest Hotdog
  9. Old Angel Midnight
  10. Black Is the Night