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By: Dave Marks over 4 years ago permalink

Is this gonna be on colored vinyl?

By: Matt Pittman over 4 years ago permalink

This still happening?

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Desoto JA17 Jawbox S/T

Recorded and mixed with John Agnello and released on TAG Recordings in 1996, this was the band's fourth and final full-length. For this reissue the vinyl has been remastered by Dan Coutant at Sunroom Audio. Both CD and LP versions will include updated cover art courtesy of Jason Farrell.

1. Mirrorful + queue
2. Livid + queue
3. Iodine + queue
4. His Only Trade + queue
5. Chinese Fork Tie + queue
6. Won't Come Off + queue
7. Excandescent + queue
8. Spoiler + queue
9. Desert Sea + queue
10. Empire Of One + queue
11. Mule/Stall + queue
12. Nickel Nickel Millionaire + queue
13. Capillary Life + queue
14. Absenter + queue