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Electric Cowbell ECR712 Zongo Junction No Discount

Electric Cowbell Records is proud to announce the release of No Discount, the second full length album from Brooklyn psychedelic afrobeat band, Zongo Junction. Exploding from the center of New York’s vibrant afrobeat scene, Zongo Junction electrifies dance floors wherever they perform. Packed with four horns, and a five-piece rhythm section, audiences can’t help but move no matter where the band is playing. If the Talking Heads produced a Fela Kuti record of Sun Ra’s music, the product would probably sound something a lot like Zongo Junction.

  1. The Van That Got Away
  2. Longtooth
  3. Invented History
  4. No Discount
  5. 21 Suspects in Madina
  6. Invented Search
  7. The National Zoo
  8. Tunnel Bar
  9. Unknown Elsewhere