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Diable du Feu!


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Electric Cowbell ECR705 Karthala 72 Diable du Feu!

12" LP out of stock

At long last Electric Cowbell presents the mysterious dark and funky "Diable Du Feu" from the elusive Karthala 72. It's a monster full-length limited-edition (only 300 pressed!) 140-gram vinyl release with a bevy of remixes. The sound of a 1970?s psychedelic freakout only heavier than you ever heard it before.

  1. Intro
  2. Diable De La Feu
  3. Marche De La Mort
  4. Bahari Farasi
  5. Armour Sombre
  6. Triomphe Dieu De La Mer
  7. Dans Le Coeur Du Feu
  8. Trop Fort
  9. Delores
  10. Le Vieux Chien Marcel
  11. Kishindo Hekalu Wa Roho
  12. Lexpansion Bantoue