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Dismal Scene Records DS001 Spirit Plots S/T

DC area band that gives nods to 70s/80s post-punk and New York new wave, with a hint of 90s Indy rock. Fifteen short-to-the-point songs in 30 minutes. Members from Trajectories as well as X-Fake Accents, Club Scout, Andalusians & Impossible Hair. Recorded by Thomas Orgren at Persona Non Grata studios in Arlington, VA, mastered by TJ Lipple at Inner Ear in Arlington, VA.

Dave Johnston
Javier Diaz
Sammy Ponzar

  1. (GIB) Signs
  2. Carrying Curses
  3. Late 80s-90s
  4. Fraulein
  5. Burnt Tapes
  6. Cars in the Country
  7. Sever the Ties
  8. Pssst
  9. Hey Custer!
  10. Capture and Repeat
  11. Listen in Class
  12. French House
  13. Set Out
  14. New Colonial Rules
  15. All Is On