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Catlick Records CLR30 v/a For Callum

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Janet Morgan & J. Robbins (from Channels) have a son, Callum, who turned 1 in January, 2007. Approximately 6 months prior to his birthday, Callum was diagnosed with with a genetic motor neuron disease called Type 1 SMA, or Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Although conventional medicine is frequently covered by insurance, alternative procedures & therapies are not. As Janet & J. pursue all available courses of treatment for Callum, the need for additional funds has become increasingly urgent.

The Cultural Society, Catlick Records, & Letterbox compiled this collection of songs in order to raise money for Callum's care fund. Proceeds will go directly to Janet & J. to help ensure that they have sufficient resources to continue their search for effective, lasting treatment. Though our energies here are focused on the plight of our friends, it should be noted that a cure for Callum could also mean a cure for the other thousands of babies who suffer from SMA.

For more information about Callum, please visit:
For more information about SMA, please visit the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation:
Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy:

  1. All the Way Rider Luxembourg
  2. Arcwelder The Hope (demo)
  3. Careers In Modeling Acorn
  4. Chad English Girl
  5. Channels Cast Away
  6. E. Fowlkes Sextet Rory Corrigan
  7. Engine 88 Get Off
  8. Engine Down Your Suit
  9. Eternals Rawar Style
  10. Gordonovich Au Revoir (Char's Garden)
  11. David Grubbs A Dream to Help Me Sleep
  12. Halloween, Alaska Halloween
  13. The Icy Shores Backseat
  14. Imaginary Johnny Little Dimes
  15. Jawbreaker I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both (demo)
  16. Kingfield Penny
  17. Bryan Knisley Madeline
  18. Joe Lally Mistaken Identity
  19. Life and Times Catching Crumbs
  20. Maritime Tearing up the Oxygen
  21. Medications Domestic Animals
  22. Bill Mike Secure
  23. The Million Waterfront (demo)
  24. Mission of Burma N.S.U.
  25. Travis Morrison Represent
  26. Drew O'Doherty You'll Believe A Man Can Fly
  27. The Oranges Band Operator
  28. Pilot to Gunner All the Lights
  29. Aroh Delikat Ant Overthrow
  30. Self-Evident World As a Verb
  31. The Spectaculars Dopasetic
  32. Story of the Sea West Bank