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A Bang On The Ear


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Crooked Beat CB016 v/a A Bang On The Ear

A compilation record featuring songs by DC-based artists, Insurgence DC, Don Zientara, and Moebius Strip. Released in 2016 by Crooked Beat Records.

  1. Insurgence DC - Not A Walk In the Park
  2. Don Zientara - The Conversation
  3. Mobius Strip - See Something, Say Something
  4. Insurgence DC - Hate On Plastic
  5. Don Zientara - Mountain
  6. Mobius Strip - Combination Answer
  7. Insurgence DC - Witness Without Protection
  8. Don Zientara - The Going
  9. Insurgence DC - Secured Rebellion
  10. Don Zientara - Get It On To You