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Reject All American


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By: brian cagle 2 months ago permalink

Waaait 1997? But I bought my tape in ‘96!

Sold Out before street date! Will this ever be repressed (again)?

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Bikini Kill Records BK09 Bikini Kill Reject All American

A reissue of Bikini Kill's 1997 full-length, which has been out of print on CD and LP for 7 years.

This record is currently available for pre-order and will ship on or near the official May 28 release date. Any additional items ordered will be held and shipped in the same box.

  1. Statement of Vindication
  2. Capri Pants
  3. Jet Ski
  4. Distinct Complicity
  5. False Start
  6. R.I.P.
  7. No Backrub
  8. Bloody Ice Cream
  9. For Only
  10. Tony Randall
  11. Reject All American
  12. Finale