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Ain't That America


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Art Monk Construction AMC20 Shoutbus Ain't That America

The debut full-length from Washington, DC-based trio Shoutbus, released in 1998 on Art Monk Construction. Features "Cramhole" creator, Billups Allen.

  1. Requiem For Joe Camel
  2. Braille
  3. El Presidente
  4. Casting Call
  5. Golf Courses
  6. Natural Selection
  7. White Trash Personals
  8. Dope
  9. Another Planned Community
  10. Campaign Contribution
  11. Loopholes
  12. Vietnam
  13. Sumo Says
  14. Minimum Wage
  15. Waiting for 101
  16. Media Plant
  17. Coupons
  18. Recliner