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Accidental Guest AG9 v/a Beyond Inversion

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A cassette compilation featuring contributions from Good Throb, Failed Mutation, Perfect Pussy, Hive Bent, Technicolor Teeth, Split Feet, Fake Limbs, Bad News, Roomrunner, Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz), and many more. All proceeds will benefit Rachael’s Women’s Center in DC, a nonprofit agency which provides resources and opportunities for homeless and formerly homeless women.

This cassette version of the compilation arrives with a download code, a button, and a fold-out poster featuring art by Leah Wishnia. This release is also available digitally here.

  1. Conquest - In School
  2. Advance Upon the Real - Perfect Pussy
  3. Nada - Frau
  4. Human Flies - Hunger
  5. Trapped - Longings
  6. Cat Mug on Secretaries Day - Split Feet
  7. Dog Song - Pottymouth
  8. Turned Over - Brett Lanahan
  9. Tom Girl - Hive Bent
  10. Alice in My Fantasies - Fake Limbs
  11. First Day Out - Clean Girls
  12. ESPN Zone - Roomrunner
  13. Careful - A Guide to Rational Living
  14. Typical Illusion (Dub) - Bad News
  15. Nocturnal Remission - Technicolor Teeth
  16. 5/6 5/6 - Stillsuit
  17. Cries and Hues - Jail Solidarity
  18. Saint Fret - Sadie Dupuis
  19. Panorama - Household
  20. Torture Garden - Good Throb
  21. When You're Dead - Failed Mutation
  22. Jokes - Bad Idea
  23. Psychic Drain - Hysterics