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Screen Vinyl Image/Bloody Knives Split


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Accidental Guest AG20 Screen Vinyl Image Screen Vinyl Image/Bloody Knives Split

A split cassette featuring songs by DC-area noise-pop/shoegaze band, Screen Vinyl Image, and Austin, TX-based outfit, Bloody Knives. Preview the whole release here.

  1. Void - Screen Vinyl Image
  2. Edge of Forever - Screen Vinyl Image
  3. Great Beyond - Screen Vinyl Image
  4. I'm Not - Screen Vinyl Image
  5. Closing In - Screen Vinyl Image
  6. Drifting - Screen Vinyl Image
  7. Fader - Bloody Knives
  8. Servitude - Bloody Knives
  9. Breathing Walls - Bloody Knives
  10. Too Far Gone - Bloody Knives
  11. Empty Room - Bloody Knives
  12. Never Was - Bloody Knives