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By: Jon Lyne over 8 years ago permalink

Thanks for making RLTSOT music available again. I believe there was a demo tape that preceded the singles and the LP, I think before Bobby was in the band - with Pete singing. Any chance that will be available for Digital purchase at some point?

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Self Released 96.5 Rain Like The Sound Of Trains Self-Titled

This is the long out of print full-length from Rain Like The Sound Of Trains -- finally made available for download.

RLTSOT fused political punk with dub, funk and a hint of The Clash. The band features ex-members of Verbal Assault, Beefeater, Jack O' Fire and Soulside.

1. Puzzled States + queue
2. Held Back + queue
3. The Goods + queue
4. Unplug + queue
5. Branching Out + queue
6. So Long As Forever + queue
7. Missed + queue
8. Pave America + queue
9. School + queue