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Fugazi - In On the Kill Taker


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By: Mike Cahill 6 months ago permalink

This is exactly what I want out of the 33 1/3 series. A bit of history, band input, song by song analysis and some good stories. An amazing book, a must read for Fugazi fans.

By: Randy Frederick over 1 year ago permalink

Just finished reading this book. What a must read for a fugazi fan. Wish they would tour and make music again!

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33 & 1/3 33-129 Joe Gross Fugazi - In On the Kill Taker

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Author and journalist Joe Gross offers an in-depth look at the writing, recording, and release of Fugazi's third full-length album, In on the Kill Taker. This book features new interviews with all four members of Fugazi, Ted Nicely, Steve Albini, and members of the band's creative community.