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30 Seconds Over DC


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2.13.61 21361 v/a 30 Seconds Over DC

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This classic new wave punk compilation features the Slickee Boys, Penetrators, Chumps, Jeff Dahl, 1/2 Japanese, White Boy and more. Formerly released on vinyl by Limp, this album is compiled by Skip Groff (owner of Yesterday and Today records) and David Howcroft.

  1. The Penetrators - The Break
  2. The Rudements - Imagination
  3. Mock Turtle - Thank You for Sending Me an Eno
  4. The Slickee Boys - Attitude
  5. Chumps - Jet Lag Drag
  6. Billy Synth - Every Time You Give Me A Call
  7. Jeff Dahl - Get Up N' Dance
  8. 1/2 Japanese - I Want Something New
  9. White Boy - I Hate
  10. The Nurses - I Can Explain
  11. Mark Hoback - No Fun
  12. Judies Fixation - Martyr Me
  13. Tina Peel - Knocking Down Guard Rails
  14. Young Turds - Murder One
  15. Da Moronics - Mr. President
  16. Raisinets - Stay Limp