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By: raul sembrano over 6 years ago

I just got it!!! Sounds AMAZING! I own both original vinyl and cd, this reissue sounds so clear. Haskett's guitar playing is stellar.

By: Joshuah Hounshell over 6 years ago

This is indeed a killer record and an awesome pressing. I also have a solid original pressing and this one kills it. Much better mastering job! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the rest of them. At least the Texas Hotel stuff. The Imago years if you can get the rights would also be amazing.

By: Kemp Herbster over 6 years ago

The pic on the back of the sleeve of the guys in the studio is priceless! Terrific reissue!

By: David Whittaker over 6 years ago

@Jeffrey: on second reading, i think you are correct that the live tracks will be included with download, not on the vinyl lp. thanks for pointing that out. however like you, i think the remaster has me interested enough to make the purchase. i would love to see them do the same thing with "hot animal machine."

By: Mark Robison over 6 years ago

Whoops, I see Henry has a nice remastered CD version with the live tracks on his own website. I just ordered it.

By: Mark Robison over 6 years ago

No remastered CD? Too bad.

By: Jeffrey McDonald over 6 years ago

@David: The listing makes it sound like the live tracks are only with the download, but I could be reading that wrong (and and it looks like the DL is missing "(Hank's Story)" from the CD, but that may be folded into one of the other tracks). Still, the remaster on the album has me many things I own multiple copies of, but this is one of Rollins' that I play the most...

By: Jonathan Scott over 6 years ago

Weird because I was just walkin' alone down Sunset Blvd. Feeling lonely, feeling mean, feeling hard...

By: David Whittaker over 6 years ago

this is such a killer record. i am glad for the reissue. i have a fairly solid first-press, so the question is "do i buy the repress?" the live tracks are solid - i've heard them on the cd. they'll sound good on vinyl. ugh... what to do? GOOD CHOICE OF REISSUE.

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2.13.61 2132808V Rollins Band Life Time

Buy 12" LP $16Buy Digital $7
LP W/ Damaged Packaging out of stock

Originally released in 1987, Life Time is the full-length debut by Rollins Band. This reissue – released on Rollins’ 2.13.61 label – has been remastered for vinyl by TJ Lipple and includes updated artwork by Jason Farrell. The record contains a complimentary digital download coupon for the nine original album songs plus four tracks recorded live in Kortrijk, Belgium on October 16, 1987. This current pressing of Life Time is on green vinyl.

1. Burned Beyond Recognition
2. What Am I Doing Here?
3. 1000 Time Blind
4. Lonely
5. Wreck-age
6. Gun In Mouth Blues
7. You Look At You
8. If You're Alive
9. Turned Out
10. What Am I Doing Here? (live)
11. Burned Beyond Recognition (live)
12. Move Right In (live)
13. Hot Animal Machine II (live)