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By: Paul Goold 7 months ago

Just received my copy in England the other day. A great item, in great condition. Big thanks to Ian and Jeff

By: PAUL POPLAWSKI 11 months ago

Are you guys seriously whining about "only having a month" to but this? A MONTH? Wow..

By: Mary Beckler 11 months ago

sad i didn't see this in time:(

By: Loren Asthma 11 months ago

it's worth twice that. in any currency. and fully worth the wait!

By: CEYLON MOONEY 11 months ago

timothy, you are so right. man, what the hell is going on???

By: Timothy Lewis 12 months ago

Can't believe you only had a month to buy this. Looking forward to seeing it on discogs/ebay for $500 once it's released.

By: Kenneth Wymore about 1 year ago

Any updates on this?

By: LAURENT Cyril about 1 year ago

Any news? :)

By: jeffrey kerns over 1 year ago

Was just looking for Teen Idles. love new pressings. thanks!

By: Chris Fender over 1 year ago

Cant wait, thank you!

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Dischord 200 Various Artists 1st Six - 7" Inch Box Set

Forty years after the label started, we’ve decided to reissue the first six Dischord releases in their original 7” vinyl format. 

These will be sold together as a box set to create Dischord 200:

Dischord # 1 - The Teen Idles “Minor Disturbance” 8-song EP
Dischord # 2 - SOA “No Policy” 10-song EP
Dischord # 3 - Minor Threat “Minor Threat” 8-song EP
Dischord # 4 - Government Issue “Legless Bull” 10-song EP
Dischord # 5 - Minor Threat “In My Eyes” 4-song EP
Dischord # 6 - Youth Brigade “Possible” 7-song EP

All six records have been remastered, with sleeves and lyric sheets reproduced from original art.

Also included will be a 12-page booklet.

Dischord 200 will only be available through pre-order

The window for placing orders will be limited to one month (May 11th until June 11th, 2021). 

here for more information.