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Little Acts of Destruction


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By: Kemp Herbster almost 2 years ago permalink

Best LP of 2018!

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Dischord 185.5 Red Hare Little Acts of Destruction

12” LP (Clear) out of stock
12" LP out of stock
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Little Acts of Destruction is the second full-length record by Red Hare. Like their debut album Nites of Midnite and 7", Lexicon Mist, this album was recorded and mixed by longtime collaborator and friend J. Robbins.

Shawn Brown
Jason Farrell
guitar, vocals
Dave Eight
Joe Gorelick

1. Distractor + queue
2. Affirmation + queue
3. Binary + queue
4. Edit the Family + queue
5. Surrogate + queue
6. Like Wire + queue
7. Foley Artist + queue
8. Little Acts of Destruction + queue
9. When My Stars Sleep It's for Ages + queue
10. Panic Training Sessions + queue
11. Never Live Again + queue
12. Cicada + queue
13. Take a Walk + queue
14. That's Not the Same + queue