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Real Lessons In Cynicism


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By: Tilman Dominka about 3 years ago permalink

I love... not only the sound of this record!

By: Zachary Giberson over 3 years ago permalink


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Dischord 182 Soccer Team Real Lessons In Cynicism

The second full-length release from Washington, DC's Soccer Team. Released in October, 2015.

1. Problems With Prolonged Youth + queue
2. Best Employed New Beau + queue
3. We Need To Talk + queue
4. Lazy Colonist + queue
5. Nose To Chin + queue
6. Short-Term Expectations + queue
7. Here's Why Dancers Smoke (version) + queue
8. Friends Who Know + queue
9. If You Were Here + queue
10. Fits Of Jealous Rage Are In This Year + queue
11. Mental Anguish Is Your Friend (version) + queue
12. Too Many Lens Flares + queue
13. Dinner With Derelicts + queue
14. Vacations On The Lam + queue