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By: bruno over 5 years ago permalink

amazing !!

By: Valdir Ferreira almost 6 years ago permalink

make it available on LP again please!

By: Jason Halvorson almost 7 years ago permalink

You sounded great in Vancouver last night! Thanks for playing like it was a full room. Looking forward to checking out the vinyl today.

By: Rich Lewis almost 7 years ago permalink

CD already sold out?...

By: Robert W. Swanson almost 7 years ago permalink

I'm hearing a lot of Big Star here...and I like that!

By: Nick Evans almost 7 years ago permalink

My favourite jam in many moons :)

By: David Roberts almost 7 years ago permalink

Got the download a few days ago, been listening on the way to work and liked what I heard. The vinyl just came in today so I was able to hear it on a good system. This is a very good lp, good mix of tunes and good mastering. These guys are good musicians! The vinyl is well pressed (sadly a lot of new vinyl is victim of crappy pressing) and dead quiet. Transmission reminds me of 1965 Pink Floyd.

So when will the next lp be out?

By: Travis Gallipo about 7 years ago permalink

Just heard Transmission. Great stuff. Can't wait to hear the full album.

PS. Some midwest tour love would be awesome as well.

By: Adrian Zias about 7 years ago permalink

This is awesome! Transmission sounds great, can't wait for the rest to be released.

By: Kemp Herbster about 7 years ago permalink

Can't WAIT!

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Dischord 178 Deathfix S/T

Buy CD $1012" LP out of stock
Buy Digital $7

This is the debut record from Deathfix, which includes 7 songs recorded at Brendan Canty's warehouse studio space in Washington, D.C. Released in 2012.

Brendan Canty
vocals, guitar
Rich Morel
vocals, keyboards
Mark Cisneros
Devin Ocampo

1. Better Than Bad + queue
2. Low Lying Dreams + queue
3. Hospital + queue
4. Dalis House + queue
5. Playboy + queue
6. Mind Control + queue
7. Transmission + queue