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By: Rudolfo Carrillo about 1 year ago

Please repress this EP

By: Rudolfo Carrillo over 1 year ago

Will this be reissued again soon along with all the stuff you’ve been repressing

By: rik hunter about 2 years ago

Would snatch this up in a heartbeat if it was reissued on vinyl.

By: Kyle Harmon over 4 years ago

i would buy a cd format as well.

By: Oogushi Takuya almost 5 years ago


I want to buy it CD version.
Please, Press CD.
I don't listen to this music on youtube.
I want CDs.

from Japan.

By: Rob Walmsley almost 7 years ago

Any plans to release this on CD? I already have the 7" + download card (both unplayed) but I would prefer to buy it again on CD.


By: Michael Gunn about 9 years ago

Thanks Mom

By: Richard Church about 9 years ago

Is there a new pressing coming out on blue-colored vinyl? Got the red and it was very appropriate. Wonderful job on the packaging, by the way.

By: Miles Hoyle about 9 years ago

I love this!!!!! Was really excited about- it came out incredible!!! Also, the Extorts (if I'm not mistaken were slightly before S.O.A. and had mostly the same material except two songs)- any plans to reissue the Extorts demo too? Thanks again- love the record!!!! : )- Miles.

By: 25 about 9 years ago

Awesome,finally.what about the youth brigade demo? Surely,to complete the set of dischord demos!!!

By: David Whittaker about 9 years ago

worth every penny. awesome job w/ this release, dischord. sounds great, looks great - if you haven't ordered this, WAKE UP! it fucking KILLS!

By: Patrick Spurlock about 9 years ago

8 great fucking songs!

By: Jeffrey Rozier over 9 years ago

Just arrived. One of the best 7' layouts I have seen in a long time.

By: JEREMY DEAN over 9 years ago


By: Joshuah Hounshell over 9 years ago

Stoked, stoked STOKED to get this!

By: David Whittaker over 9 years ago

Aw, bring it ON!! Been waiting for this!

By: James Mazurek over 9 years ago


By: Kemp Herbster over 9 years ago

I hope many more of these type of unearthed releases to come! Totally incredible!

By: Kevin Young over 9 years ago

Very nice. Hopefully time to unveil 179? ;)

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Dischord 177 SOA First Demo 12/29/80

Buy Digital $4
7" out of stock

This single collects the eight songs that SOA recorded with Skip Groff at Inner Ear Studio in December of 1980 during their first-ever recording session. Two of the songs ("Disease" and "Stepping Stone Party") were originally released on the Flex Your Head sampler and "Gonna Have to Fight" was included on the band's No Policy EP. The rest are unreleased versions.

This is on green vinyl.

Henry Garfield vocals
Michael Hampton guitar
Wendel Blow bass
Simon Jacobsen drums

1. Public Defender
2. Gonna Have to Fight
3. Gang Fight
4. Disease
5. Draw a Blank
6. War Zone
7. Riot
8. Stepping Stone Party
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Skip Groff