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By: Paul Beaumont over 5 years ago permalink

This LP is fantastic. Finally got a copy the other day and I'm loving it

By: Blaze Sonnier over 8 years ago permalink


By: Paul Allen over 8 years ago permalink

Pre-order complete! Can't wait to hear it!

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Dischord 173 Office of Future Plans Self Titled

This is the Office of Future Plans' debut full-length, released on November 21, 2011.

The 12" LP comes with a free MP3 download.

J. Robbins
guitar, vocals
Darren Zentek
Brooks Harlan
bass, vocals
Gordon Withers
cello, guitar

1. Salamander + queue
2. Lorelei + queue
3. Harden Your Heart + queue
4. Ambitious Wrists + queue
5. The Loyal Opposition + queue
6. Your Several Selves + queue
7. Abandon + queue
8. You're Not Alone + queue
9. The Beautiful Barricades + queue
10. Fema Coffins + queue
11. Dumb It Down + queue
12. Riddle Me This + queue
Recorded At
The Magpie Cage
Mastered By
Dan Coutant