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By: michael gilbert over 11 years ago

when me and my friends heard "Suburban Wasteland" on FLEX YOUR HEAD, long after it was recorded, it still spoke to us in the mid 80's growing up in a creepy midwestern suburb full of violent jocks and stiff gr'ups. i'm so psyched to hear more!

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Dischord 167 Artificial Peace Complete Session, Nov '81

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This album features the entire session that Artificial Peace recorded in November 1981. At the time, A.P. were on of the leading bands in the D.C. hardcore scene. Three of these songs were initially released on the "Flex Your Head" compilation, but the rest were shelved when the band unexpectedly broke up after playing for barely over a year.

Three members went on to form Marginal Man, who would have a very successful run well into the late 80s.

Originally released in 2010.

Steve Polcari
Peter Murray
Rob Moss
Mike Manos

1. Artificial Peace
2. Outside Looking In
3. Suburban Wasteland
4. M.I.A.
5. Against The Grain
6. UXB
7. No Escape, No Excuse
8. Enlisted Man
9. Wild Thing
10. D.J.
11. War Path
12. Neighbors
13. Watcher
14. Spook Surf
15. Enemy Minds
16. Dead End
17. This Means War
Recorded At
Inner Ear Studio
Produced By
Ian MacKaye
Mastered By
Chicago Mastering Service