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By: Paul Deschamps over 7 years ago

I want the vinyl... This album is killer!!!

By: Simon R Lee over 10 years ago

Same question as James

By: James a Ritchie about 11 years ago

Is this ever going to be released on vinyl again???

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Dischord 159 Faraquet Anthology 1997-98

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This album features newly re-mixed versions of songs recorded by the band in 1997-98 and released on various singles, plus one previously unreleased song and one out-take. Released in 2008.

This 12" LP comes with a free MP3 download

Jeff Boswell
Chad Molter
Devin Ocampo
guitar &amp vocals

1. Parakeet
2. Um Die Ecke
3. The Whole Thing Over
4. Call It Sane
5. Study In Movement
6. Yo-Yo
7. Review
8. Rex
9. Conversations
10. Sea Song
Mastered By
Chad Clark at Silver Sonya
Mixed By
Devin Ocampo