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By: nathan grafe almost 4 years ago permalink

Any incite as to why this wasn't pressed on vinyl?

By: Erich J Mazon over 7 years ago permalink

it's true, i still dream of owning this on vinyl ... <;-)

By: Erich J Mazon about 9 years ago permalink

need this on vinyl! whens the next lp coming out?!?

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Dischord 155 Aquarium s/t

The debut LP by the Aquarium. Originally released in 2006.

Jason Hutto
keyboards, vocals
Laura Harris

1. Maxxo Sesh + queue
2. Can't Afford To Live Here + queue
3. Waiting For The Girl + queue
4. Credits + queue
5. Good People + queue
6. Channel 9 + queue
7. White House + queue
8. Golden Pyramid + queue
9. Through The Tunnel + queue
10. Slow Space + queue
11. Aquarium Dream + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Mastered By
TJ Lipple at Silver Sonya
Mixed By
Brendan Canty at Trixie Studios