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Waiting for the Next End of the World


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By: Kemp Herbster almost 6 years ago permalink

Why is this not on vinyl??? The world would be such a better place...

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Dischord 151 Channels Waiting for the Next End of the World

The debut LP by Channels. Released in 2006.

J. Robbins
vocals, guitar
Janet Morgan
Darren Zentek

1. To The New Mandarins + queue
2. Lucky Lamb + queue
3. The Licensee + queue
4. Helen Mirren + queue
5. Unreal Estates + queue
6. Hug The Floor + queue
7. MayDay + queue
8. Chivaree + queue
9. $99.99 + queue
10. New Logo + queue
11. Little Empires + queue
12. Mercury + queue
Recorded At
Magpie Cage, Phase & Inner Ear by
Produced By
Channels & Freeman Moxy
Mastered By
Alan Douches at West West Side