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By: Benjamin harmon over 2 years ago permalink

Vinyl, wax, lp... Pretty, pretty please!!

By: Matthew B Shumar almost 3 years ago permalink

need this on vinyl hard. pleeeeeease?

By: amber m minarchick almost 3 years ago permalink

Agreed. This need to be on vinyl Jeff and Ian (please). Also, Rites of Spring's 'All Through a Life' on 12" is very needed

By: James McWhirr over 3 years ago permalink

This is such a good record, it needs a vinyl pressing.

By: Paul Deschamps about 4 years ago permalink

Pretty pretty please. :) Vinyl Vinyl!

By: Chris Bignell over 4 years ago permalink

A vinyl release of YFPAIOP would complete MY LIFE.

By: Matt Pittman almost 5 years ago permalink

Patiently waiting for this to be pressed...

By: james colville about 6 years ago permalink

pretty please??

By: Kyle Pollard about 6 years ago permalink

Dying for a 12" - just sayin'!

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Dischord 149 Medications Your Favorite People All In One Place

CD out of stock
Buy Digital $7

Medication's first full-length album, released in 2005. This album is available in CD and digital formats.

Devin Ocampo
vocals & guitar
Chad Molter
bass & vocals
Andrew Becker

1. Surprise! + queue
2. Or At Least As Bad + queue
3. Twine Time + queue
4. This Is The Part We Laugh About + queue
5. Magazines for Entertainment + queue
6. Pills + queue
7. The Last Of The Rest Was The End + queue
8. Opinions + queue
9. I Am The Harvest + queue
10. Occupied + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear
Produced By
Brendan Canty