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By: Kevin Young 2 months ago

A reissue on blue would be quite fine

By: Will Von Holck over 3 years ago

In my circle we call this the 'Bill O'Reilly Guillotine' record. Excellent art/excellent music. 180 grams!

By: Jason R Nelson almost 11 years ago

A great album..what can you really say about Lungfish? Every time I talk about them I feel like I'm getting further and further away from the truth. Does anyone have info on the artwork for this album? Nothing is mentioned in the credits.

By: Robert W. Swanson about 11 years ago

Heads up, I just bought this LP 7/11 and my copy, unlike most Dischord releases, is most certainly a 180 grams!

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Dischord 147 Lungfish Feral Hymns

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12" LP out of stock

Lungfish's 11th full-length album, released in 2005.

The 12" LP comes with a free MP3 download when purchased from Dischord.

Daniel Higgs
Asa Osborne
Sean Meadows
Mitchell Feldstein

1. All Creation Bows
2. Time Is A Weapon Of Time
3. Wailing Like Dragons
4. Picture Music
5. You Are The War
6. Invert The State
7. Way-Out Is The Way Out
8. Sing
9. Interdimensional Seams
10. Sweet Nucleus
Recorded At
Louder Studios
Produced By
Lungfish & Tim Green