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By: Rob Walmsley about 2 years ago permalink

I have this on CD. If the 7" comes back into stock, please notify me.

By: Anna Hasselbusch about 6 years ago permalink

Just got it today and all I can say it wow! This album has the rawness of hardcore and DC. Love It!

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Dischord 140 Minor Threat First Demo Tape

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These are previously unreleased demo versions of songs which have been previously released

Ian MacKaye
Lyle Preslar
Brian Baker
Jeff Nelson

1. Minor Threat (version) + queue
2. Stand Up (version) + queue
3. Seeing Red (version) + queue
4. Bottled Violence (version) + queue
5. Small Man, Big Mouth (version) + queue
6. Straight Edge (version) + queue
7. Guilty of Being White (version) + queue
8. I Don't Want To Hear It (version) + queue
Recorded At
Inner Ear by
Produced By
Minor Threat and Skip Groff
Mixed By
Ian Mackaye and Don Zientara in 2001