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20 Years Of Dischord: Rare & Unreleased MP3s


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By: james cornell about 7 years ago permalink

Have you guys thought about releasing the entire Youth Brigade demo? That would make a great 7"!

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Dischord 125c Various Artists 20 Years Of Dischord: Rare & Unreleased MP3s

This is the MP3 version of the Rare and Unreleased songs from the 20 Years of Dischord Box Set (3rd Disc). If you are looking for the complete Box Set CDs, go here.

You can buy these MP3 tracks as a collection by clicking on the Buy Digital button, or you can add the tracks individually to your download queue with Digital Credits.

These songs come from a variety of out-takes, demos and live recordings.

1. Teen Idles: Get Up and Go + queue
2. Teen Idles: Deadhead + queue
3. Untouchables: Steppin' Stone + queue
4. SOA: Draw Blank + queue
5. Minor Threat: Straight Edge (live) + queue
6. Minor Threat: Understand + queue
7. Government Issue: Snubbing + queue
8. Government Issue: Asshole (w/ Ian) + queue
9. Minor Threat: Asshole (Dub) + queue
10. Youth Brigade: I Object + queue
11. Rozzlyn Rangers: Rozzlyn Rangers + queue
12. Void: Black, Jewish and Poor + queue
13. Void: Authority (Takes 1 & 2) + queue
14. Scream: Search For Employment + queue
15. Deadline: No Revolution + queue
16. Faith: No Choice + queue
17. Marginal Man: Manipulator + queue
18. Dag Nasty: All Ages Show + queue
19. Fugazi: The Word + queue
20. Fugazi: Burning (live) + queue
21. Shudder To Think: Drop Dead Don't Blink + queue
22. Circus Lupus: We Are The One + queue
23. Slant 6: Are You Human? + queue