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By: Timothy Gwinnett 7 months ago

The whole compilation has dubious audio quality unfortunately. Truly a victim of the Loudness War and pointless remastering.

By: Richard N. Leigh almost 9 years ago

Be forewarned that the "Bonus Compilation" that comes with this box set includes several tracks of dubious audio quality. Of the 14 tracks, only 5 are in 320 kbps. There are 7 tracks in 128 kbps, 1 in 160 kbps, and 1 in 192 kbps. I asked, and they said that this was the best audio quality they had.

By: John Claus over 10 years ago

Any plans to release a digital version of this?

By: Viktor over 10 years ago

Must have for this money and in general.
Cheers from Russia =)

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Dischord 125 Various Artists 20 Years of Dischord

Three CDs, two of previously released material, one of previously unreleased material.

The Rare & Unreleased songs from the third disc have also been released separately as an MP3 Download.

page booklet
video clips
October 2002
Disc Editing by
Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios
Enhanced CD editing by
Guillaume Bernardeau & Chris Mills at Rhed Studios