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The Embassy Tapes


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By: Ryan Kirkpatrick over 2 years ago permalink

Will this ever be back on Cd or record?

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Dischord 124 Nation Of Ulysses The Embassy Tapes

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This release compiles the final sessions by The Nation of Ulysses, recorded to four-track 1/2" tape in September, 1992. It was released in 2000.

Ian Svenonius
Tim Green
Steve Gamboa
James Canty

1. Introduction + queue
2. Uptight + queue
3. R.O.T.T.E.N. + queue
4. A.P.E. Embassy + queue
5. Hex-Proof + queue
6. Outline for Hangout + queue
7. Gimme Disaster + queue
8. Shakedown (Party) + queue
9. Last Train To Cool (Version) + queue
10. P-Power pt. II + queue
Recorded At
The Embassy
Produced By
Ian MacKaye